When Should you Book Your Colorado Springs Photo Session?

Colorado Springs Photo Session

As a Colorado Springs photographer, I know just how stunning this area can be year-round. From the beautiful red rock formations at Garden of the Gods to the mountain views and grassy fields, Colorado Springs has something to offer for everyone. But when should you book your Colorado Springs photo session? Here are some tips to help you decide!

Colorado Springs Photo Session

Colorado Springs Photo Sessions

First of all, it’s important to know that Colorado Springs is beautiful year-round. Each photo session brings its own unique beauty, so no matter when you schedule your session, we’ll be sure to capture stunning photos with the gorgeous Colorado scenery as the backdrop.

Colorado Springs Photo Session

Let’s Take a Look at What Colorado Springs Photo Sessions Look like Throughout the Year!

Spring Photo Sessions in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Photographer

Spring in Colorado Springs can be unpredictable. Winter can linger, with late season snow falls. We can experience a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. However we do have beautiful warm sunny days that are perfect for photo sessions. I keep my schedule flexible for this very reason. If the weather doesn’t look great for a photo session we can reschedule for a better day.


March is still snowy with some warm days mixed in. The landscape has golden grasses, not quite looking like spring.

Garden of the Gods Photo Session


April is the beginning of spring with warm sunny days. The grasses are still mostly golden with just a hint that spring is on its way.

Garden of the Gods Photographer


Finally spring is here and the landscape is starting to come to life!

Colorado Springs Photo Session

Summer Photo Sessions in Colorado Springs

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Summer is my most popular season for photo sessions in Colorado Springs, and it’s easy to see why. With warm temperatures, long days, and plenty of sunshine, summer is a great time to book your photo session. During the summer months we often have to plan around thunderstorms. Some years it rains almost daily and some years its very dry.


June is the start of summer with vibrant green grasses, long days with late sunset times.

North Cheyenne Canon Photo Session


July is filled with warm days, lots of thunderstorms and late sunset times. The landscape is covered in lush greenery.

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August brings the most beautiful green grasses and sunflowers. This month is my personal favorite. We tend to have fewer thunderstorms as the month comes to an end but it varies year by year.

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Fall Photo Sessions in Colorado Springs

Fall is another popular time for family photo sessions, and for good reason. As the leaves change colors and the air turns crisp, the landscape takes on a beauty that is hard to beat. The golden aspens in the mountains provide a stunning backdrop for your family photos. Fall is the perfect time for a Pikes Peak adventure session at Mueller State Park.


September is filled with warm sunny days and the first hints of fall. The grasses are starting to turn golden and its a really beautiful time for a photo session.


In Colorado Springs fall hits later in the month but up at Mueller State Park the beginning of October is perfect for fall photo sessions. The landscape turns golden with beautiful shades of yellows, oranges and browns.


In November you’ll want to bundle up because fall leaves as quickly as it came. The landscape quickly turns to winter here in Colorado Springs.

Ultimately, the best time to book your Colorado Springs photo session depends on your preferences. Whether you’re looking for the warm sunshine of summer or the cozy warm glow of fall, there’s something for everyone. So don’t wait – book your photo session today and let’s capture some beautiful memories together.

If I had to pick my favorite month, it would definitely be August!

Book Your Colorado Springs Photo Session

If you are ready to book your photo session, you can do so easily through my online booking calendar.

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