My Favorite Prompts for Mom and Baby Photos

Mom and Baby Photos

As a family photographer, capturing the special bond between a mother and her child is one of my favorite things to do. If you have an upcoming session with me this post will help you prepare for what to expect at you session. My photo sessions are relaxed and child led. However, I also use lots of prompts because giving my clients something to do puts them at ease. There are so many prompts that can be used to capture sweet mom and baby photos but here are some of my personal favorites:

Prompts for Mom and Baby Photos:

  1. Mom standing and swaying while holding baby facing her. This pose is simple but beautiful. It captures the natural movement of a mother soothing and swaying her baby. It’s also classic pose that never goes out of style, and it works well with babies of all ages.
the best prompts for mom and baby photos
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Mom and Baby Photos

2. Mom holding baby in her arms and dipping towards the camera. This is a great way to create a dynamic and playful image. It captures the joy and playfulness of a mother and child. This prompt also works well for babies of all ages and captures adorable facial expressions.

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Beautiful Mom and Baby Photos
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3. Mom airplane the baby towards the camera. This prompt is a fun and creative way to capture the energy and excitement between mom and baby. It works well with older babies who are able to hold their heads up and look towards the camera.

Mom and Baby photos
My favorite mom and baby poses

4. Mom raising baby in the air. This pose is a classic, as it captures the joy and excitement of a mother lifting her baby up high. It works well with babies and toddlers but can be quite the arm workout with bigger kids.

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My favorite prompts for mom and baby photos

5. Mom holding both of babies hands and having them walk towards the camera. I love how these images capture the protective love of a mother. It captures the sweetest moments of mom joyfully looking down at her baby.

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Mom and Baby Photos
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Prompts that Work for Older Children Too

6. Mom getting down at the child’s level. This pose is a great way to capture the interaction between a mother and her toddler. It is perfect for capturing tender and sweet moments between the two.

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Sweet mom and baby photos

7. Mom sitting down with her child’s head in her lap. This pose is perfect for capturing the tenderness and love between a mother and her child. By having the toddler’s head in her lap, the mother can comfort and soothe her child while also creating a beautiful image. This pose is also great for capturing details like the mother stroking her child’s hair or cheek.

Heartfelt photos of mom and baby

8. Mom wrapping her arms around her child from behind. I love to capture details with this one, like the child’s hands on top of their mothers. This prompt can also be playful. Mom can sneak up and hug her child which results in lots of giggles and happy photos.

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In conclusion, these are just a few of my favorite prompts for capturing the special bond between a mother and her child. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the moment, as these images will be treasured for years to come.

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