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Colorado Springs Fresh 48 Photographer

I get giddy with excitement every time I head to the hospital to photograph a fresh 48. Fresh 48 sessions take place at the hospital within the first couple days of baby’s life and document the brand new baby and immediate family. It is just the best! If you can only hire a photographer for one thing THIS. IS. IT. I’ve heard so many photographers say they wish they had these photos of their own children and that could not be more true. The only photos I have of my son are blurry, dark and just awful cell phone pics and it is such a bummer.

Fresh 48 Photographer in Colorado Springs

The photos I’m sharing today are from my first ever hospital session. This baby girl was only a couple hours old in these photos. Brand spanking new! Her parents were just barely getting to know her. What an incredible experience.

Newborn Hospital Photos at Penrose St. Fracis
Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer

The 5 Best Things

  1. Capturing parents with their brand new baby, so in awe and in love. I remember just starring at my babies after they were born for hours on end and I just couldn’t believe there were actually here. I LOVE capturing that at my hospital sessions.
  2. Babies change so quickly, even in the first couple weeks. A photograph really captures a moment frozen in time and what better moment to freeze than your baby at just a couple hours or days old.
  3. Those first couple days in the hospital are such a magical time. It goes by so fast and trust me, you will hardly remember it. It is like a little pause where you get to soak up your brand new baby before the reality of real life sinks in.
  4. The details- those little tiny still wrinkly fingers and toes. There is really nothing better than capturing brand new baby fingers and toes.
  5. The dramatic lighting. Hospital rooms are often dark with only one small window, which creates dynamic lighting. It is so fun to capture and experiment with. I really enjoy the challenge of creating a work of art in a hospital room.
Fresh 48 Photos in Colorado Springs
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Colorado Springs Newborn Photos
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Newborn Photos Colorado Springs
Fresh 48 Session Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs Fresh 48 Photo Session
Newborn in Hospital Bassinet

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