How to Dress Your Kids for your Colorado Springs Winter Photo Session

Colorado Springs Photos winter photo session

Staying Warm and Stylish in Front of the Camera

As a mom of two and a professional photographer, I’ve learned a important lesson over the years: cold kids are not happy kids. This is especially true for photo sessions. Capturing those perfect moments becomes a challenge when your little ones are shivering. That’s why I’m here to share some tried and tested tips on dressing your children for a Colorado Springs winter photo session, making sure they stay warm and still look cute.

Preparing for your Colorado Springs Winter Photo Session

I’ve lived in Colorado Springs for over 10 years now and one thing I can say for sure is to be prepared for any weather! These tips can also be helpful for fall and spring sessions as well.

Layers, Layers and More Layers

1. Start with the Base: The foundation of any cold-weather outfit is the base layer and warm socks. We swear by REI medium weight base layers for their comfort and warmth. Remember, skipping this step is a no-go!

Colorado Springs Winter Photo Session

2. Tights, Pants and Dresses: A great trick I use is layering tights or pants and dresses over the base layers. Not only does this add an extra layer of warmth, but it also keeps the base layers out of sight while letting the cute outfits shine.

Get ready for your photo session

3. Cozy Sweaters: To ensure the base layers are completely covered, we opt for warm, knit sweaters. They offer not just warmth but also add a wonderful texture to the outfit, perfect for photo sessions.

Accessorizing for the Cold

4. Essential Accessories: No cold-weather outfit is complete without the right accessories. Think hats, mittens, and boots. These items are not just functional; they add a cute and cozy look to the overall outfit. It’s important to chose photo friendly options for these accessories. Zara and H&M are two brands I like to shop for these items. This is another don’t skip step! Photo worthy accessories are really the key to staying both warm and stylish for your photo session.

Colorado Springs Winter Photo Session

5. The Final Layer – Coats: During particularly cold days don’t hesitate to add a warm coat. Keep it unzipped to showcase the outfit underneath while providing that extra layer of warmth.

Here it is all put together!

How to dress for a Colorado Springs Winter Photo Session

Balancing Warmth and Style

Trust me! These tips work. This is how I dressed my daughter last year when we took these photos during a bitter cold spell. The temperature was close to zero degrees. If you dress them properly kids can handle the cold weather. Ensuring your children are warm during a cold weather photo shoot makes a world of difference in their mood and the quality of the photos.

Remember, the key to a successful cold weather photo session with kids is all about balancing warmth and style. With these tips, your little ones will not only look adorable but will also be toasty and happy, ready to give you those perfect smiles for the camera.

Colorado Springs Winter Photo Session
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Fun in the snow
Colorado Springs family photos in the snow

Book your Colorado Springs Winter Photo Session

This year I’ll be hosting winter mini sessions and I’m so excited to capture family photos in the snow!

Send me a message through my contact form if you are interested in snow mini sessions in Colorado Springs! I’d love to meet you and capture magical snow photos for your family.

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